How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Business

Want to make a stronger first impression with your Instagram profile? Wondering how to incorporate branding and personality to your Instagram bio? In this informative article, you’ll discover useful tips to assist you build and optimize an Instagram profile for business.

#1: Choose a Quality Profile Photo That Reflects Your Branding
First and foremost, your Instagram profile photo must represent who you are. For a brandname, choose a brandname logo that’s instantly recognizable. Your logo can also be the simplest solution because it will help you stay visually consistent across all of your channels. However, if you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, or blogger, select a picture of yourself that communicates who you are and what you do.

For example, Alex Strohl is definitely an Instagram profile photography influencer and his profile photo depicts him holding a camera, taking pictures. Alex’s profile photo instantly conveys that his account is focused on photography.

Similarly, Kori Nikkonen, a Berlin-based ballerina and fitness influencer, wears a flowy dress, ballet shoes, and a ballet bun that clearly reflect the lifestyle fundamentals of her brand. Like Alex, Kori shows a picture of herself that depicts her work in progress. Both images are memorable and resonate with the colour palette of the individual’s whole feed.

From a complex standpoint, make sure your profile photo is high-quality, not pixelated, and looks good on any device. Currently, Instagram’s dimensions for a profile picture on mobile are 110 x 100 pixels. However, because profile photos are bigger on desktop, upload a more substantial pic, which Instagram will resize automatically.

#2: Include a Keyword With Your Name
To ensure people will get you, be sure that the name you share on Instagram is certainly your name, not your Instagram username. Because those who seek out you on Instagram use your real name or your company’s name, matching your name to your Instagram handle decreases your searchability.

Because Instagram users also seek out keywords, putting a keyword in your name triples your searchability scores. Even when your username doesn’t support the keyword, people can still find you through the keyword in your name. As an example, Aniahimsa appears in this Instagram seek out “vegan” even although the word “vegan” isn’t part of her official Instagram handle.

To select keywords for your name, look at the target keywords your potential followers would use to locate inspirational accounts, cool hashtags, or specific locations to follow.

To illustrate, if you intend to attract a target audience located in Berlin, add the term “Berlin” close to your name. Then people will get you by typing the name of the town in the People search bar.

Similarly, if your followers search for Instagram coaches, put “Instagram Business Coach” close to your name. If your followers search for interior inspiration, add “Interior Inspiration” close to your name.

After you decide on your keywords, adding them to your Instagram profile is simple. In a desktop browser, open your profile and click the Edit Profile button. In the Name field, type your keyword after your name. You may want to separate your lives your real name and your target keyword having an emoji. (Find out more about emojis a little later in this article.)


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